About the Complete Wellness Advocate

Our Mission

The mission of Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) is to empower learners with the knowledge to promote lifelong well-being and prevent illness, injury, and disease.

Who We Are

CWA is made up of doctors, academics, and professionals united for a more holistic approach to wellness. For more, see our Staff page.

How to Begin

Register for an account to begin the online course, or contact us about bringing an in-person course to your area.

The Complete Wellness Advocate Workshop

The Complete Wellness Advocate certification course is available both online and in-person. The workshop teaches the “10-Dimensional Prevention Through Wellness” model, an alternative model of wellness predicated on the simple fact that wellness is a journey.


Learners will also join the select online CWA Network as part of the Complete Wellness Advocate program. The CWA Network is a digital space where CWA participants can obtain powerful information, motivation, and support to continue their wellness journey.