Complete Wellness Advocate FAQs

What is the Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) program?

Founded in 2010, the mission of the CWA program is to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentialing required to encourage community level outreach dedicated to preventing illness, injury, disability, and disease and promoting lifelong well-being. Complete Wellness Advocate accomplishes its mission through awarding the Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) certification.

Frequently Asked Questions for Participants

The Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) is not the same thing as CPR or first-aid certification, though they do have some similarities. In fact, both the information and the program are completely different. CPR and first aid training provide the necessary skills to deal with unexpected health problems when they arise. The CWA focuses on how to use proven wellness principles that can prevent these difficulties from happening in the first place. The CWA recognizes the fact that, while not all health problems are avoidable, the majority of them can be prevented.

There are many reasons to become a Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA). If you appreciate how being certified in CPR and first aid can help others in an emergency, then you will appreciate the value of actually preventing emergencies from happening in the first place. Imagine the quality of life you and your loved ones will enjoy once empowered with these emergency-prevention skills. Our model, entitled “Prevention Through Wellness!,” includes valuable information and specific skills in 10 distinct wellness dimensions. Think of this as an expanded version of the notion of mind, body, and spirit.

Once you have successfully completed the CWA training program, you will join select individuals and your name will be added to CWA Network. You will benefit from the education, motivation, and support offered by the program, as you join other advocates in the online CWA Network. 

The Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) certification program includes the following: 

Half-day comprehensive wellness workshop led by a registered CWA instructor. 

Interactive program participation guide. 

Innovative personal well-being profile, the rating of perceived wellness (RPW).

  1. Official status as a certified CWA on the CWA Network.
  2. Downloadable frame-ready certificate of completion and certification. 
  3. One-year membership in the online CWA Network.

Frequently Asked Questions for Professionals

This program does not certify Instructors. Instead, it provides a comprehensive basic training for facilitating the CWA Certification Program. Instructors who meet specific standards and become faculty are added to the CWA Network as designated CWA Instructors.

There are many benefits of joining the CWA program as a CWA Instructor. First, you will be added to the industry’s first and only national registry for professionals dedicated to delivering the CWA Certification Program. This will give you distinction among your colleagues and enhance your credibility among those you serve. 


Second, CWA Instructors deliver the CWA Certification Program to consumers, and earn income doing so. You can charge a participation fee for delivering the program to individuals and/or organizations. You can also offer the program as part of something bigger, such as weekend wellness retreat or group of wellness/life coaching sessions. 


Third, the certification process provides a novel way to introduce you to potential clients/customers. The field of wellness coaching is still in its infancy, and consumers are still trying to understand what exactly a wellness/life coach actually does. Becoming a CWA Instructor provides you with a tangible “product” to introduce to prospective clients — serving as a gateway to the wellness coaching process and a long-term relationship. 


Finally, through participation in the online CWA Network (explained below), you will have ongoing contact with those you’ve trained and certified, providing a platform for nurturing lifeline and sustained relationships. 

First, participants go through the four-hour initial workshop, delivered by you. During this time, they use the proprietary Rating of Perceived Wellness (RPW) tool, and ultimately assess themselves (with your professional guidance) in ten dimensions of well-being. 


Next, participants log on to the CWA Network, register, and receive their CWA certification. 


Finally, participants engage in a number of activities and enjoy dialogue (on our forum) with fellow CWA certified individuals (and instructors) on the CWA Network. They also are encouraged to review their RPW scores. Monthly self-paced participation in the CWA Network allows participants to keep their certification renewed year after year. 


The entire CWA process is based upon a model of continuous improvement. It also deploys an authentic self-assessment process. Additionally, the power of social media is realized through ongoing dialogue between certified individuals and their instructor. 

The qualifications to become a CWA Instructor have been established to ensure the integrity and success of the Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification Program and are modeled after the most popular CPR Instructor requirements. 



Successful completion of the CWA Instructor Training Course.

AGE: CWA Instructors must be at least 18 years of age.

EXPERIENCE: Weekly participation in the CWA Network.

The cost to become a CWA Instructor is commensurate with that typically required to become a CPR Instructor. Based on this, you can recover this fee after conducting just one CWA certification course! This fee includes the following: 


Comprehensive training program (8 hours).

Official status as a CWA Instructor on the CWA Network. 

Facilitator’s manual (includes everything required to facilitate the CWA Certification Course).

CWA participation guide and certification program. 

Two years membership in the online CWA Network.

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