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What does the online course content include?

This course teaches the “10-Dimensional Prevention Through Wellness Model” and how it affects you. You will learn how to achieve optimum wellness. You will also join the select online CWA Network as part of the Complete Wellness Advocate program. Here you can obtain powerful information, motivation, and support.


Wellness helps you comprehend the bigger picture of your life. It’s a state of being, a mindset. It’s a choice to change—to embark on a journey toward creating a better version of yourself. Everyone’s path toward wellness looks a little different. Individual solutions need to offer something distinct for each person. Research shows that wellness is optimized when a solution provides education, motivation, and long-term accountability. The Complete Wellness Advocate (CWA) workshop can provide this for you.


The online course also includes a one-year membership on This website features activities, quizzes, a newsletter, and an online discussion board which allows the user to remain active and involved in their wellness lifestyle.


How long does the online course take?

How long it takes to finish the course depends on your pace and the speed of your internet connection. It generally takes three to four hours to complete the entire course.

Price: $50.00